gen3 apple tree

im trying to get a good-looking apple tree using the gen3 script, and i am failing miserably at it.

this is the basic shape i would like:

so i was wondering if anyone who knew more about the gen3 script could help me out with good settings for this. even for lsystem…

cuz i’d really rather not model a tree.

thanks alot!

Turn down all the levels of detail and number of branches. Starting with the trunk adjust one or two variables and create the tree, see what you get erase and repeat. When you get the trunk the way you like move one to the next level. Once you get the feel for what each setting does its pretty fast. Its tempting to make allot of adjustments at once but you cant really learn what each variable does. Please share you’re results I like 3d trees.

hey thanks, great advice.

here’s the best i’ve gotten with it:

(sorry if you’re on dialup)

it’s hard to get the trunk thick enough while keeping the branches a realistic width.

do you know any good sites/walkthroughs for gen3 that tells what each row/slider does?

Just read the documentation for Arbaro. Gen3 is just a reimplementation of Arbaro using Python. You could even build the tree in Arbaro, which might be a little easier since Arbaro has diagrams showing what each control does. You can then save the XML file and open it with gen3.

ok, so i got a good tree…is there a way to add leaves like in lsystem?

The latest gen 3 has leaves look in the gen3 post for the links and instructions . can we see your apple tree. I bet you can even make some apples.

well, i…uh…i…um, well…

i lost it. :(:o when i reopened the file it didn’t have gen3 open…so i lost the parameters.

but im getting close with the new version; thanks alot for telling me about it!

i guess i can still show you a pic of the old one but i won’t be using it cuz it doesn’t have leaves.

ok here it is (sorry it’s big):

wow theblenderboy! you’ve made a lotta progress there! kudos! :smiley:

well thanks afecelis. i guess now i should figure out how i did it. i have yet to read the “instructions”. :rolleyes:

Hi theblenderboy,

did you already have a look at this page? :confused:

It contains basic explanations to the parameters used in Gen3.

I found it in the original Gen3-Thread, posted by SHABA1, and it was quite helpfull to me :smiley:

hey thanks alot that’s awesome.