Gen3 - Tree generator script for Blender

Today I released Gen3 v0.1 - parameter-driven tree generator for Blender. You can see homepage of this project at

This project is on early stage of development, but I want to known your opinion about its usefullness and your suggestions.

Have a nice day!

PS: Sorry for my poor English :frowning:

Incredibly usefull, I’d say! I haven’t tried it yet, but if it generates also some uv coordinates for the trunk and branches…
Do you thing it is possible to model also different plants (i.e. ferns)?

It generates UVs for trunk and branches already. I think it may be used for many types of trees. I just need some time to rest and then I’ll start fixing bugs which
are present for sure :wink: and add features.
So I need opinions from community to decide what to do next…

It’s pretty good as it is. Thanks a lot.

One tip: After you generate the tree, go to edit mode and remove doubles (I just got rid of aprox. 2900 extra vertices)

Stager13, it’s great. Thanks.

Yes, you’re right, I just forgot to describe this.
Additionaly sometimes normals must be recalculated.
Also, you may want to select vertices and press ‘Set smooth’ to get smoothed
To speed-up generation use ‘Detail’ controls - they set count of cylinder faces.
At start you can use as small as 3 faces per cylinder…

Thanks for comments!

wow!! thats nice works good I crashed it twice but I was just moving sliders around randomly.:rolleyes: I am inspired to try a landscape.

Setting levels to ‘4’ leads to ‘list index out of range’ error - I’ll fix it, but not right now - I need to do some code clean-up to prepare it for ‘Leaves’ support…
It would be interesting to see your ‘landscaping’ :wink: results - I’m software developer, not 3D-designer, so I’m always impressed by someone 3D works…

Hmm … nice indeed.

I suggest, however, to change the script name to:


(b stands for blender, of course)

You need documentation and instructions on what all those buttons do. Just presenting them and expecting the user to know your intent or to figure them out is frustrating.


might come in handy.
if this comes to blender, it’s going to rock.

Made a couple of trees and I’m verry impressed :slight_smile:

Even made a wee forrest and killed Yafray trying to render it (but that is my fault cuzz I dunno how to use Yafray yet)


I would like to have a randomize all (additional to the seed button) and a slider for the random value :slight_smile:

Don’t what can be optimized for speed but Camp may can help :slight_smile:

There are some docs about optimisation:

Go on!

nice i will definatly try it later I will have lots of plant meshes to make real soon so you made this just in time for me.

do you know LSystem?

wow a new tree making script! i will definately check it out very soon, in fact i was just about to make some trees for WC200.

Great script, don’t forget to make an easy-to-use User Interface

First of all I recommend to read J.Weber and J.Penn paper to understand model parameters

Creation and Rendering of Realistic Trees, J.Weber and J.Penn

First of all I want to say thanks for you all! I didn’t expect such attention…

15 minutes ago I upload some update for Gen3, now - version 0.2. It doesn’t contain new features, just speed improvements and some bugfixes. You can download it from

As for some questions:

  1. To SHABA1: I know that lack of documentation is a bad thing, I’ll try to fix it in the future, but at first I must implement some features - without them script possibilities are very restricted (I mean at least ‘Leaves’ support).

  2. To Bart: As for speedup - thanks for links, they are useful for me. I’m already started ‘speed-up’ process.

  3. To endi: As for L-systems - yes I know what is it :wink:

  4. To snelleeddy: About ‘crashing’ yafray - note, that geometry currently generated by Gen3 is not very imressive - I mean ‘open’ cylinders and deformed geometry, beside this, too many vertices and faces are generated. Use ‘remove doubles’ to reduce vertex and face count as Duhast suggests.

Sorry if I miss something and thanks for your comments and suggestions!

Awesome !

I’m far more impressed with this than L-system, which runs useslessly slowly on my PC. Gives far more realistic results too, IMHO… although all those parameters are scaring me, I’m very glad of the tooltips. :slight_smile: I’m really glad someone’s finally working on a decent tree generator for Blender, all the programs I can find seem to insist on requiring Java for some odd reason. Anyway thank you for this, hope to see leaves soon !

This is awesome! Tons of potential here. I’m looking forward to see how this developes.