GenderBlending Worksession - Looking for a Blender character modeller

Looking for an additional Blender character modeller to contribute to the GenderBlending worksession, from 17-22/11 in Brussels, Belgium

GenderBlending calls body hackers, 3D theorists, game activists, queer designers, and software feminists around the table to challenge typical digital representations of the body, bending the rules of both gender and software. Using 3D F/LOSS animation software such as Blender, medical bodyscanners and 3D-printers, we’ll experiment at the contact zones of gender and technology.

Got to for the announcement

Job: You participate in GenderBlending brainstorms and help out with modelling in 3D when necessary. Our focus is to experiment with alternative modellings of human figures, eventually adapted to be printed with 3D printers. We will work amongst others with MakeHuman, and change positions/modd the bodies afterwards in Blender.

Apart from the opportunity to work with a motivated and diverse group of creative participants, we will provide:

  • a modest fee
  • travel costs (up to 120 euros)
  • lodging and vegetarian lunch

If you are interested, please write wendy atttt constantvzw dot org before 15 October 2014, with your portfolio.