General Artist for New VR Scifi Survival Game

Thank you for your interest in our project! Singularity Entertainment aims to create deep, compelling, and innovative games. Our philosophy is that a player’s experience and immersion should come first in development. Right now we are not working on a budget but hope in the future to secure funding as development of this title continues. We are a new dev team trying to carve our name into the gaming landscape and need help to make that dream a reality. That’s where you come in.


Singularity’s current project is called Adrift; a true isolated space survival VR experience. Adrift puts the player in a survival pod in deep space awaiting rescue from a organization known as Phoenix Rescue. After a rogue meteoroid shower destroys the deep space mining rig the player’s character was on, they shuttled off in a survival pod. Shortly after, the onboard AI system activates and a transmission is initiated with Phoenix Rescue. The player takes over and must survive at minimum 30 days (roughly 1 hour), or maximum 90 days (roughly 3 hours) depending on the player’s vigilance on the rescue beacon.

The player needs to maintain the rescue beacon to match the incoming frequency from Phoenix Rescue for them to be able to locate them faster. While doing this, the play must also keep an eye on resources like oxygen, power, pressure, hunger, thirst, water, food, sleep, temperature, humidity, and many more. They have to stay vigilant for environmental hazards as well like solar flares, nebula storms, meteoroids, and other random events that can happen.

Another crucial mechanic is that there is no “pause menu” per-say, as the game never “pauses.” The player can back out and the game will save their progress so that players don’t have to finish the game in one sitting. However, if they die, the game will immediately delete their save and they will be forced to start over.


We are in need of a general artist for this project. They would be responsible for everything art related, both 2D and 3D. Do not feel overwhelmed as we will recruit more as necessary. We do not have any requirements, but those with experience and/or a portfolio/resume will be put at the top of the pile. Personality, skill, drive, and passion are the most important traits, however. We are a very new studio so we are excited to see what talents may be interested.

Your responsibilities would include, but not limited to:

  • Work well with a small team.
  • Communicate ideas and concerns effectively.
  • Willing to learn new skills.
  • Assist with research as needed necessary for object and environment design.
  • Manage and placing assets within Unity Game Engine.
  • Creating 3D models for player and environment assets (preferably Blender, but not required).
  • Skinning and texturing 3D objects.
  • Creating textures for 3D objects.
  • Rigging and animating player VR models and interactible objects with constraints.
  • Preferred but not required: Assist with lighting design.
  • Preferred but not required: HUD/GUI art assets.


Projecting project start to finish to be 6 months - 1 year.

You must have a Discord and Trello. If you don’t currently, be willing to create one of each.

All applicants must be fluent in English.

All applicants must be 18 years or older of age. No exceptions.

This project is a revenue share and we hope to get a budget as we progress. Full disclosure: 15% of profit will go to Singularity Entertainment and the last 85% will be split evenly with all members of the team on top of any potential future pay.

If you are at all interested in this project or have any questions, feel free to email us your resume, portfolio, and or question(s) at [email protected] or friend me on Discord (I’ve Got Issues#8412) and I will get back with you as soon as possible. We also ask that you include your time zone so that we can schedule meetings accordingly as needed. We look forward to hearing from you!

Very Respectfully,

Nathan Dowen

Game Director, Designer, and Producer