General basic questions thread...

So figured out I’d start thread like this instead of creating a thread for every question…

Is it possible to cycle between views (which includes panning, zooming, rotating the camera)?


Or do I need to create a script for that?

Is it possible to cycle between views (which includes panning, zooming, rotating the camera)?
Explain exactly what you mean with examples ?
Different views = keyboard numpad keys

I have a question related to some troublesome UV issues I’m having.

Anyone here know how to change UV calculations in blender 2.77 from Angle to Conformal?

You used to be able to F9 to pull up a bunch of options that had it or access this from the tool shelf, but now the tool shelf only has Unwrap, Mark Seam and Clear Seam and the UV menu you access by clicking in the Tool Shelf or hitting U doesn’t show it. Its unwrapping with a ton of overlapping on basic cylinder-like objects and such and I’m having to go through unwrapping in small chunks then stitching and tugging the damned things into shape by hand.

Its eating a lot of time doing that sorta work around and I’d like to change my UV calculation mode to see if it helps…I’m also open to other suggestions if folks have them.

( for the record it is having these poor unwraps using every unwrap method. Square, cylinder, circle, project from view, Project from view with bounds, Smart Unwrap, Unwrap, lightmap and even the active quads style of unwraps all produce these overlapped poor unwraps on this piece. No there is no hidden internal geometry)

NM. I did an uninstall/reinstall and the option came back. Not certain what was going on, but now when I select unwrap the options appear. It also didn’t fix the tangled unwrapping to do conformal unwraps, but now the other unwraps are a bit cleaner for some reason and I’m able to use Smart UV unwrap nicely enough.

Any idea why my unwrapping is placing huge areas of the UV overlapping other areas so much? Do I need more seams than one to unfold a Cylinder?