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(shibbydude) #1

Thought that this was a cute image that I just created so it is worth a post. All modelling is mine except for Blendo. He is courtasy of Weirdhat (I think). I just want some crits, feedback, complaments for once!! Well, it’s a nice composition I think…

(rogerm3d) #2

Hehe… Very cool, love the idea, hell even cute :smiley:
Maybe make background at least have some clouds.
I think that a single color background always detracts from images.
And give Blendo a green hairdo. :wink:

(shibbydude) #3

will do

(Dittohead) #4

That’s kinda cute.

me likes.

(shibbydude) #5

I updated the pic. The update should show in the pic above. All I did was put clouds in the blue background, so I didn’t think that a separate update was neccesary.

(rogerm3d) #6

Much nicer,
Now that you have small variations in the background
:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

(acasto) #7

What if you do one of those pics in a pic in a pic in a pic… kind’ve things. So Blendo would be mowing his head, then there would be a little Blendo mowing the Blendo whom is mowing the Blendo’s head. Then on the Blendo mowing the Blendo mowing the Blendo’s head would be another Blendo mowing that Blendo’s head. I would go on, but I’m starting to forget the point :wink:

(S68) #8

Very nice :slight_smile:

You should try another composition with a large grassy plane and blendo carving blender logo in the grass with its lawn mowner :slight_smile:

(You know, like in that new movie out there…)


(bmax) #9

cute! its kinda funny, but its sweet. it would be a nice pic to put in the elysiun gallery.

(Jamesk) #10

Nice looking lawn you’ve got there. Looks like astro-turf, which, if I remember correctly, doesn’t need mowing since it doesn’t grow. :smiley:

(shibbydude) #11

I thought about a pic-within-a-pic but it really lost all interest when I discovered that the detail would be lost unless at a high resolution. As far as the Elysiun gallery, I do not think that there are going to be any more updates for a long time, as the blender.org site will be up soon.

(kaktuswasse) #12


(stephen2002) #13

mmmm… grass looks plastic Need to tweak the materials.

Intresting concept.

(shibbydude) #14

Everything looks plastic. That’s how it’s supposed to look. As far as materials go, I am working on some other possibilities (metal logo and realistic glass).

(deks) #15

remind me of an animation i saw in the past… but he didn’t was on a blender logo… hehe he was on an woman body… guess with place he was on… great picture anyway

(Bentagon) #16

love the concept! and very well built too…

(Friday13) #17

Hehe, very funny image, good concept.

(kos) #18

good…i like the grass.how did you do that?is it with ripsting’s script?as far i tested the script it does not take acount the normal vector’s directions.but yours does! :o .
by the way the lighting setup is very ordinary.everything looks flat-shaded.why don’t you try to add some spot lights instead of the hemi ones?poor lighting can destroy even the best 3d-art.

(shibbydude) #19

Yes, I did use ripsting’s grass script and yes, it does follow the normals, you just have to play with the settings a little (there should have been a setting called “astroturf”). The lighting is a gisphere so there are some small, soft shadows behind the grass and in the middle of the logo. I will do a more realistic one if I feel like it. I just wanted to stay with the “logo lighting” motif.