General challenge discussion

General discussion of things related to the Weekend Challenge.
This is the place for comments about the rules, suggestions, or anything else related.

I’ve just updated the rules announcement. Take a look.

Comments, anyone?

Looks good to me. Very well organized and layed out.

Kudos ectizen on a great thread and a great idea!


Looks good to me. The pure/open thing is fun and could give rise to some discussion (pofo’s fingers itch to fire up photoshop and dream up what he might add for an open submission).

I remember in the speed modeling contest on the chat, we used to vote for different stuff. Like best interpretation of subject, best image, weirdest etc.
We had alot of fun :smiley:
Maybe the winner could chose an extra voting category too? or not, I’m not sure of this idea myself.

Too bad I won’t have time (got an exam in quantum physics on monday) to enter this week when it looks as if imgrandpaboy will be out.

  1. pofo


the Hall of Fame is a great idea, but it would be better if the winners could be hosted on a single site. We with free internet account have strict quota limits and it might happen that we need to make room on the server…

Furthermore geocities and tripod have those nasty behaviour…

Just a suggestion,


Good idea! Done. The archive copies are stored on my server, which isn’t very fast, but is stable…

Since I’m now hosting backup copies of the winners, I thought I might as well give them thumbnails too.

How’s it looking now?


the address?


Umm… you mean this?

Yeah, I meant that :smiley:



great work ectizen! you are managing this competition just great.
keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thanks, kerosene :slight_smile:

To make the entry process a little easier, and more uniform :wink: , I’ve set up this:

Use wouldn’t be mandatory - just convenient.
I’m thinking of putting a little more info in there eventually (reminders about size, thumbnail options, etc…)

Any thoughts on this before it goes live in a couple of days?

The Weekend Challenge Dominatrix has been updated.
A minor problem with some characters in the description has been fixed.
A major new addition is the checking of entry and thumbnail URLs, to let you know of any typos or other accessibility problems. It can’t handle every type of URL, but it should work with most. If it improperly complains about your URL, let me know.

The Weekend Challenge Dominatrix has been updated again.

There are two visible changes this time. The first deal with classifying entries as Pure or Open - it’s now done via two hopefully simple questions. To encourage people to properly answer these, they will default to produce an Open classification :wink: Also, it’ll warn you if you make an Open entry, but don’t supply the required construction info.
The second change is the addition of a challenge status indicator at the top of the page. This shows the current time, what’s currently happening, and how much time is left.

Take a look. Try it out :slight_smile:

Useful? Horrible? Other comments?

how long do it take to start the vote session after the entry session have end??

Voting starts as soon as I finish building the voting thread. I start building an hour before entries close, then close the entries, then refresh the views, then make any last minutes changes that took place in the last hour, then I do I final proof read, see how it all looks, check a few of the links, and then finally, voting commences.
After voting commences, I then go and hunt down my voting announcement thread in elYsiun Chat and add another announcement.
Next I check back in the Weekend Challenge forum, and answer anything that looks like this :slight_smile:

My alarm clock woke me 85 minutes ago, and I haven’t stopped typing since :o


I read the idea above, about there being voting for different aspects of the entries, I think that this would add alot more credibility to the contest.

While choosing who get my vote most weeks, i have a problem deciding between the best looking picture or the still that suits the topic most. If the voting isnt going to change. Then maybe it should be made clear exactly what we are voting for.

I dont mean to sound negative because i know that alot of effort must go into organizing the contest and i want to congratulate you on doing a great job.


Weekend Challenge? Credibility?! :o

I agree that a more detailed voting system would be beneficial, however it would be impractical. If voting was more complicated, we wouldn’t be able to host it here on elYsiun. While it would be possible to setup a multi-category voting system elsewhere, it would not be able to enforce a “one member, one vote” policy as rigorously as here. Given the choice, I choose a umm… less expressive but well controlled system (here) over a voting free-for-all (somewhere else).

Also, our benevolent elYsiun webmaster has been talking of a new voting system that while remaining a single category, would give each voter 10 votes to distribute amongst the entrants. When that system appears, we’ll use it, but for now, it’s “one category, one member, one vote”.

In future, I’ll try to make it clearer what we are voting for. Believe it or not, the voting poll question was actually given a bit of thought. In the end I settled on

It lets the voter decide what criteria is most important to them. Personally, some weeks I favour good interpretations of the theme, others I’ll choose the best looking - in a nutshell, I vote for what I like most (Be advised: in ten weeks of voting for what I like, I voted for the winner once!)

I’ll work on the rules a bit more, to try and convey this :slight_smile:

Ectizen: Malefico must have infected you. In all the Mondial, he took for the winner once

please don’t vote for me… I want to win too :wink:


I am unsure of how to submit an image - am I required to have a website with host or can I e-mail it?

I do not have a website and so I do not know how to submit an image for the challenge.


Yes, a website is required - you submit your entry by posting a message (with a link to your image) in the relevant entry thread.

You may want to contact acasto, who has been very generous in providing hosting on for quite a few of the entrants.