General challenge discussion

I would like to see a weekend challenge that would only allow Blender textures to be used instead, I’m interested to see what can come out of it. Can this be done once ?

Hmm… it seems like there is a demand for a hard-core, 100%, nothing but blender version of the WC.

A proposal:
The first challenge every month will be a Weekend Challenge Pure Madness Special Edition.

In a Pure Madness challenge, there are no Pure or Open classifications, because entries must be made with a stock, standard Blender. Image maps are not allowed. Plugins are not allowed. Post processing is not allowed. Loaded envmaps are not allowed (calculated envmaps are okay, though). External modellers/renderers are not allowed. Reusing old models is not allowed.

In short, Pure Madness means absolutely all new and absolutely only Blender.

The first challenge in a month would be the one that contains the month’s first friday.

How does this sound to everyone? Comments?

Sounds great to me!

Sounds good to me too!

A challenge with more of a challenge.

The models can be send in and check for cheating. So I’m sure there’s a chance for a fair compatition.

I like the pure madness Idea!!! so much that if there was a thumbs up emoticon I would use it!!! :smiley:

That sounds great, then maybe(prolly not) I would have a chance.

wow cool, i love the special events that pop up, Pure Madness sounds like a great one! =D

Yeah agreed Pure madness is a nice idea, and good when done only once a month too. Gofer it!

Panoramas… A feature I’ve just started playing around with and I think people don’t make enough nice backdrop panos anymore… prove me wrong.

Where do the themes for the weekend challange come from? I’m sure it’s written here somewhere, but i’m new to this and haven’t been able to find them. Is there a place to suggest themes, or to vote them? I’m interested in this for a very concrete reason: I belong to a non-lucrative artistic-folkloric group that work all summers making street performances, and we are considering the adaptation of our spectale for the next show. In this adaptation we might use a trash-technology background using old monitors and old computers to create the environment, and as we have only 4 weeks from now, we cannot create much artwork. I’m looking for free communities who could be interested in helping with this. There’s still nothing for sure, but i’m just looking for some feedback to see if this is a right place to look for this or at least to see if i get any good pointers.
I don’t explain more now, because i want to be sure about what we are going to do with the show (decissions this weekend). Afterwards i can explain more about the group, the show (with pictures,etc…) and the theme.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


P.S. If this is not the right place to look for help, i would appreciate pointers to other communities, thanks!

were decided by ectizen, but the WC is frozen now.

/me cannot find the connection :slight_smile:

Yea! Try the Off Topic Forum here !

Good luck with the show


were decided by ectizen, but the WC is frozen now.

no way :wink: they were decided by each weeks winner :slight_smile:

Ops :o

Didn’t know… having never won :stuck_out_tongue:



its picking up pace again now even i actualy entered !!

here we go again !!!

Looks likes it’s been a while since anyone has posted here.

Anyways just thought I’d let everyone know that I’ll be happy to host their Weekend Challenge submissions on my server. Seems like a lot of people are being forced to use geocities and such which are a bit of a pain for that kind of thing.

You can check out my website (bare at the moment as it’s just re-opened) at (there is no www in the address).


are you one of those no ip-ers? [!]

one thing that does not come across clearly (well, at least not for me) in the rules is the use of image textures. If I use textures from a photo or created by the gimp, is my entry suddenly open?