General consensus regarding Blender controls and keymap

Hello there, fellow Blender users. Let me introduce myself and my problem by saying that I was a long time Blender user since 2011 and I got used to working in the older version of Blender and now after one and half years of barely working in the old Blender and only trying out the never one for couple of times, my general impression is that they have done a marvelous job with 2.8x. However, I’m kinda in a predicament here, since I’m not too sure if I should just start working in Blender 2.82 with the keymap setup for 2.7x or should I just switch to default Blender setup or the industry standard? What would your suggestions be, what would the general benefits of either of the options be and will the support for the 2.7x keymap ever drop?
Personally, I am very comfortable with sticking to the old way of doing things in Blender but I feel that would only be damaging to me in the long run if the support for 2.7x controls suddenly drops.

We are a community.
There will be a usable 2.7x keymap as long as someone will provide one.

You can create a custom keymap and it should be reusable by newer releases as long as developers don’t fundamentally change the way to manage them.

If you want to teach blender, you have to know default keymap.
If you are working in a company, there may be a policy to adopt industry standard keymap or an internal keymap.
But if you want to be the most efficient, you have to create a custom keymap that fits your needs.
If you are fine with 2.7x keymap, you can continue to use it.
But it would not be a dumb idea to try to modify it to include new features.
2.8x keymap is supposed to be more minimal than 2.7x keymap to allow customization. User is supposed to be able to complete it as he want.
By default, she may be not satisfying for an advanced user.