General Dynamics F-111F

Hi mates!
I have not too much time lately, because I have to model F-111F for Milviz Inc. Model has completely equipped gear bays and weapon bays with openable doors.

Here is actual state of works

Looks very good! just needs textures and export it to fsx :wink:

Great model as usually, very detailed engines and landing gear. How long did it take to model this one?

I’am working with it since four weeks, and have deadline 27 Oct. So six weeks for all…

Thanks for info, mrys. I have to finish textures for my Dragon Rapide someday…

Great modeling job. I like the attention you have given to details. The reactors and landing gear look fantastic.

Thanks mates!

If you like main gear maybe front will be also interesting for you…

F-111 has very unique rescue system. Not jettisoned chair - whole cockpit was jettisoned! And has a small possibility of gliding (or rather controled fall :wink: )

Wow! Great model. You sure you didn’t just edit a image of this plane in photoshop? Looks greats! No Crits here. Too good for me :D!

The level of detail is quite amazing, indeed…

How detailed does it actually have to be? Fully detailed cockpit, or is it more of an exterior model? From the looks of it (especially the internal structure of the plane, seen on the cockpit it must be very detailed).

I’ll be looking forward to seeing it finished. Will you texture it, or just apply materials?

It have to be maximum detailed. I’am working on cockpit interior now, and hope to finish in next two-three days. But no interior construction structure is necessary. Just what is visible when plane staying on the ground. It will b efully textured of course.


No. its full 3D. but your idea sounds good… In fact I have to export this bird into one of the “standard” apps (Max, XSI etc) before delivering. Nightmare is with all this pivots points, cause they are lost in export process and I have to set them up again in final soft.

Called the “flying pig” in Australia, our country is actually retiring these beasts soon. They have been held together with sticky tape and glue from what I can tell.
Check this out it details the Boron patch developed just to keep it in the sky!

We will miss them at fireworks displays, where they are employed to do a (fuel)Dump and burn at the climax! Yippee!

Your model looks great. And some proper fold up doors would just cap it off.

How do these renders look so damn real?!

Maybe there skilleD?! =O (lol) nice job

I was hoping for a PM explaining lighting set up or something. I mean, these renders just look so real, I don’t know what to do…

Its like I could reach in there and grab the model. Granted, some of the parts look a little more like a model of the plane than the actual plane, but even those parts look real due to the lighting, rendering, etc. settings. I just want to know how!

Hi Guitar87!

It is nice that you like my render, but it is far from perfect. I’am using PovRay for rendering - not Blender internal and not Yafray. I suppose that similar or even better effect could be available in Blenders renderers. It is simple scene with radiosity and one area light for soft shadows. Ground has solid colour with small reflection value with fresnel. Nothing special as you see. It was only for preview so materials also are very simple.

If I could say something is that in my opinion PovRay has still higher quality radiosity and lights then Blender Internal. But it is external and not too good with bump and specular maps.

Ah, I see. I’ve been having some major problems getting radiosity working. I’ve followed countless tutorials (well, 3) step by step and still can’t get any results.

So what do you have as an emitter? Is everything emitting a little, or just a white plane?

Sorry about this post, it doesn’t really belong here.

No problem. Radiosity in Pov Ray working in different way then in Blender. In fact it is rather kind of GI mixed with radiosity. No need emiter, just radiosity definition, like that:

// for getting a general skylight effect
#case (Radiosity_OutdoorLight)
pretrace_start 0.08
pretrace_end 0.01
count 50
nearest_count 4
error_bound 0.8
recursion_limit 1
low_error_factor 0.9
gray_threshold 0
minimum_reuse 0.015
brightness 1.0
adc_bailout 0.01/2
#debug "
Radiosity_OutdoorLight in use

Pov Ray based of physical nature of light - it is its power and weakness. Not very comfortable but with a little patience gives good results.

And I don’t use Blender compiled for usind PovRay - only normal 2.45. Export as *.obj, open in Pose Ray (for grnereting script of PovRay scene) and hand modified final script
. In F-111F case I didn’t tweak anything - just simple render.

What a great job :eek:

That would be great but not feasible by now (AFAIK):

@ mrys: Could you tell something about the modeling techniques that you have used?

Best regards,

It is very nicely done. Good job!

One point to comment: I assume that this is a commissioned work and the images are meant for viewing by your client. As such, for the ownership message, you may want to change the word “propriety” to “property”.

Please forgive me if I appeared to be rude. It is not intended as such. I’m providing professional services for living mainly to English speaking clients (but unfortunately not in the field of 3dcg). When communicating to my clients, I need to actively identify and avoid such problems; otherwise, it may affect negatively their impression of my company and myself. If your posting mentioned that the images are meant as personal works only, then I will not comment on this point. I suppose you can call this as “occupational reflex”… :wink: