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I want to use Blender. Problem is my english is very bad.
Just want to ask if it is possible to take a .jpg into blender to build a 3d picture.

This goblet down should turn around. I would do this with Adobe ImageReady but I need different views from the goblet.
Can I produce this fews in Blender
Is it possible to do it with Blender. Is it a lot of work.
could anyone write me how to do it or do it for me.

thx and nice wednesday


You could trace the outline without the handles by using curves. Then you could spin it to get the base form:

After that you could make the handles with curves and BevOb. Basically you would make a curve that is in the shape of the handle and set a circle curve to its BevOb:

thx, but my first problem is to open the .jpg.
he tell me that it is not a .blend file.


Cause of this I can not use the tutorials.:smiley:

You can set your image as the background image of a 3D viewport. See View, Background Image in the 3D viewport’s header.