General interface question

Hello all!

I’ve a general interface question: when I get in close on my models, I sometimes find that the zooming of my scroll wheel, and rotating of my view slows down. So far, in fact, that I cannot zoom in as far as I’d like to.

Have I hit a wrong button somewhere?

Thanks for any input!

make sure you are in orthographic view, not perspective (numpad 5). in orthographic, you can zoom down to the nano, but perspective kinda gets a limit.

If you press the , key (on the numpad) to focus on your model, you can zoom in more, in perspective view. If you need to get really close to some detail, you can select a single vertex in editmode, and focus on that, then zoom and rotate.

Thanks for the feedback. That helps quite a bit. I’ll bet I inadvertently hit the . key on the numpad at some point.