General Materials [HELP]

Ok, so I have a couple questions regarding my scene below. Obviously, It’s not finished. Inspiration came from a scene from a school day when I went into a back closet, and saw a desk with a lamp sitting on it next to the rough concrete walls. I loved the scene, and decided to make it! My main questions are regarding the materials for the scene though, so no modeling suggestions, please. Also, please ignore the wall. It will be different on the final picture. The desktop bump mapping is also intentional.
Also, I’m a noob, so be nice. :smiley:

1.What is the best way to make a surface look dusty in cycles? I’m a noob, and I don’t want to use a particle system. Mostly I want to make the desktop, the lamp, and the pen look dusty. Do I use a special material for the objects themselves, or do I do something different? Tips on volumetric lighting wouldn’t hurt either.

  1. I have watched the video by Andrew Price on anisotrophic shaders, but I am still mucho confused. Can someone help me figure out how to make the lamp look like a scratched steel surface?

  2. How do I change the materials and the lighting so that the scene looks… Old and forgotten? Dust, yes. Do I make the lighting more dim and yellow or something?

  3. Any kind of critiques on the materials or scene would be nice. :eyebrowlift:

PEN.blend (1.51 MB)

try using this ( tiling ) image as a specular map for your lamp
(edit) my image, btw, so don’t sweat about copyright infringement )

Thanks so much for the reply! I really appreciate it. :smiley:
Just to clarify,
if I’m using the image you gave me as a spec. map, am I just deciding what is reflective and what isn’t?
So pretty much image into color ramp node into fac value for a diffuse and glossy shader?
Is that pretty much it?

well, reflectivity is actually a different value than specularity. but setting it to effect refl might also be a good idea. just to get a light tarnishing/smudging effect.

Sounds awesome! Thanks!