General materials/textures help

Hi all. I’ve been learning blender for a few weeks now and have the modelling down to a reasonable standard by following tutorials. However, when it comes to materials and textures, I’m clueless. There doesn’t seem to be any definitive tuts that can help specifically with this. Cycles seems to be what people are focusing on now but that just gives the added complications of nodes, which I don’t understand at all.

Am I best off learning materials/textures for the cycles engine or does it not differ much from mats/tex’s in the ‘original’ engine? Also, could anyone point me in the direction for some useful tuts or give some advice to the basics of mats/texs that I can learn from. I’ve tried experimenting myself but the combination of shaders etc just seems endless.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe these basic lessons could help you:

OK thanks, I’ll have a look.