General "pops" on the Blender 2.8 user interface before RC

Here´s a list on a 2 hour session on current Blender’s version (downloaded today):

General Ul:
Grease pencil only works with EEVEE and WORKBENCH, but there is a “Freestyle” tab on the property page. Freestyle doesn´t work with EEVEE. Why is it available?

If you select an object, apply a diffuse BSDF material (any color:i.e Purple with alpha 0.2)
and then go to the object material> Viewport display (select any color: orange with alpha 0.1), drag and drop the viewport display color over the diffuse BSDF material, and only the color gets copied. Alpha values don´t get copied. They get ignored.

When using grease pencil layout, you press “1” to enter FRONT ortographic VIEW. You draw, then you press CTRL+ALT+0 (numpad) to make that front view your camera and it matches on previous Blender 2.8 (working until May). Not working on current downloaded 2.8 (July). Camera should match 1 to 1aspect ratio the front view.

Is there a “sensitivity middle mouse roll” for the zoom in and out on the front ortographic view? I searched on NAVIGATION> Orbit and pan, Zoom, and also on INPUT> Mouse. Please help with slowing down the zoom on mouse roll wheel for orthographic view.

(I´m working as I type).