General question concerning Blender abilities

I have started playing around with Blender and am impressed with the UI and other features. Before I get completely engrossed in reading documentation (which there is a lot) I had a couple of questions I thought someone could answer. I have been using POVRay for some time and what I really enjoyed about it was being able to use it’s programming style scene description language to create some scene ideas I had based on algorithms. Using macros and defines to not only create objects from formulas but to also place them easily. Does Blender have similar functionality? I noted there was a python scripting area and an API that let you access objects from the scene, but can you use this to create new objects, position them, etc? A lot of the sample scripts I have seen seem to be some form of “post processing” so to speak. Perhaps there are scene generating scripts out there I just haven’t seen yet, but I was hoping someone could tell me of their experience with this and how difficult/easy it is to script in this manner.


You can use python to do pretty much whatever you’d like to your scene, AFAIK. Several python-based addons, such as the city generator, allow you to do the type of thing that you seem to be looking for. I don’t know enough about it personally, but it would seem that if you had the python know-how, it wouldn’t present much of a problem to proceedurally create your own scenes.

Thanks for the info!

Yes, blender has ‘scene graph’ functionality. Blender’s migration from 2.4 to 2.5 coupled with Python’s migration from 2.x to 3.x caused a temporary deterioration in the script & plugin ecosystem, but this is only temporary. It’s a LOT of adjustment to make and things to re-learn for those used to the old way ( blender 2.4 and python 2.6) so it may seem that most of the scripts out there only do ‘post-processing’ but this is only temporary.