General Question: Is This a Backdrop?

So what is the thing in the screenshot I’ve attached? Is it a backdrop? If so how do you make this? Do you just take a plane and just bend and extrude it around?


Yes it’s a backdrop, but backdrop (in photography) means anything that is in the background. That in particular is called infinity cove and its purpose is to create illusion of an endless background.

This is how I do it

From left:

  • Start with a plane
  • Edge select mode (ctrl+tab), extrude one edge
  • Add a loop cut (ctrl+R) somewhere around the middle of the first face. It makes more room for any object placed on it, and makes the curve more realistic since gravity would make real fabric hang a bit. After that, select (alt+(shift+)RMB) edges around and crease them (shift+E, 1, enter)
  • Add subdivision surface modifier with level 4 (ctrl+4) and enable smooth shading

Wow; cool!

Thanks man!