General Question: Where would I learn 3d Max, Maya, Blender, etc

Hi, I just had a general question; where would you learn how to use graphics software if you’re pursuing a career in, lets say, being an Artist or Technical Artist at Electronic Arts? Would it be in collage?


yeah :), or by trieng or by contacting ppls,or by watching tutorials :slight_smile:

You could start to learn Blender (and concept art) at CG Cookie:

Community Colleges in Los Angeles offer courses in Computer Graphics. You would have to check with the college to find out which packages they use. I took a class in 3DSMax at El Camino College in Torrence. They also had classes in Photoshop, and some CAD programs. They also offer the art courses that you’ll need to do the “Artist” part of “Technical Artist”. :smiley:

Well you can learn anything online, but unless you prove to be one hell of a brilliant artist employers are going to want to see a piece of paper that says you are now in debt due to having paid to go to college. No one is going to hire you without that paper.