General question

Hello lads, i’m a programer by trade but have never delved into modelling etc before.

I just have a few questions if someone wouldn’t mind answering them.

How difficult or how long would it take to build a single model including animations and textures for use in a commercial grade computer game. The model wouldn’t be excessively detailed in that it would be on a small scale, similiar to models in Soccer video games. As in, i’m a complete beginner to modelling etc, how long would such a task take me ? And could i expect it to be of any decent quality at the end ?

Paying someone to do this is out of the question since this will most likely be a free/opensource project for many reasons, the first being it wouldn’t sell.

As you might have guessed i’m thinking of developing a computer game for a sport that i play although its commercial value is doubtful at best. Its similiar to soccer in that it requires a field (bigger) with goalposts (more like rugby posts) on each end. Each team consisting of 15 players. Play of the ball is also through the air, not on the ground like in soccer.

Basically i’m wondering what features that Blender has that can aid me in this and could anyone please explain them in detail ?

Thank you very much.

Well, I’m a noob to Blender, but have done some minor 3d work with another program. To do a fully featured model takes a long time, and since you’ll basically be learning Blender at the same time, I don’t think you can really estimate. You’d have to do some tutorials first, to get a feel for how things work, THEN actually work on the model.

The good news is, that after the first one, the rest of them won’t take nearly as long. :wink: :slight_smile:

The quality IMHO is directly proportional to the amount of time you want to put into it. The more time, the more quality.

Yes, just getting over the learning curve is your only limitation.

Once the model (mesh object) is finished and textured (UV-mapped), you’ll want to rig it using an armature. Each movement should be recorded as an action, which you can ‘play back’ at any time --even blending actions together. (You’ll have an action for running, one for kicking, perhaps one for looking over the shoulder, etc. You can have your character glance over the shoulder while running by using the two actions together.)

Once you’ve got all your characters rigged, any additional objects (rigged or not) such as goalposts and the game field, etc. you’ll want to start paying attention over in the Game Forum.

So if you’re careful to plan what you want you should be able to produce a fine game. (Also remember, though, that commercial games are worked on by teams of people all day, every day… so if you want something that’s commercial grade you’ll spend a lot of time on it.)

Good luck

Thank you guys.

I’ll well aware of the time and man power spent on commercial games, although i don’t work in that sector i am a programmer and deal with some very complcated issues myself.

I have little doubt i would be well capable of the programming issues involved but modelling/animation etc are all foreign to me.

Would anyone know of any open source/free model templates that may be relevant to me ? Something like a model used for a soccer game would be good.

p.s > You don’t kick the ball in the game i’m speaking of, its played with something akin to hockey sticks.


Anyway, if it’s going to be a free game maybe you could invite others to model, rig and animate for you. Or at least build a base character for you to play with. Of course, this might mean making most/some of the idea public or at least sharing it among a number of “unknown” team members.

Maybe a post in the Games Forum, inviting input, would get you on your way.

No not Lacrosse, its called hurling.

Well the thing is i wouldn’t mind learning howto myself. :slight_smile: