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Hi, I’ve just started using Blender a few days ago. I’m get familiar with it and it’s all good. My goal is to make a short 3 minute video/animation with blender; it will be a WWII dogfight seen with some background music. It will have photo-realistic graphics, quick camera changes, from high above to the cockpit. I was wonder can Blender handle all this?

Thank you!

I was wonder can Blender handle all this?
Blender can do this. The question that should be asked is, can you ?

Haha! You can do anything if you’re motivated!

Yes. But it might be good to ease yourself into learning more about blender before you tackle something as ambitious as you’re describing.

Especially look up some basic tutorials on:

Actually this is a pretty good choice for a first animation. Most of the animation will be an outside the aircraft view, so you just have your plane models flying around on wires. You might have a few inside the cockpit moments, but the pilots are strapped to their seats, so no walk cycles to worry about. At most you have some determined expressions, steely gazes and maybe a thumb pressed down on a firing button, or a joystick yanked to the side. Most of the stuff that trips up beginning animators won’t be an issue.

The only tricky thing is to remember that the two fighter planes are your actors, and you don’t want the camera to cross the line as you switch views from one to the other. But if you post your animatic or layout pass you can get advice about that before you get into the long realistic render times.

Ok, thanks for the advice guys.