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Hi all, I`ve trawled through blender wiki but cant find info I want and wondered if anyone could help?. I have a folder on my hard drive called .thumbnails containing separate fail and normal folders, the normal one has image thumbnails of images I have only viewed in blender.2 questions…are these folders created by blender on install and 2. How can I stop blender sending the thumbnailed images to this folder. Hope I have explained it properly and hope someone can help. Thanks in advance for your time :slight_smile:

IIRC you can disable Show thumbnails in User preferences > File, but you disable picture preview in file browser if you load an image.
Some software save preview pictures in .thumbnails, Gimp for example.

Cheers, mib.

Tnx mib, Ill give that a try. I dont think its any other program but blender saving the images, I wondered if there was a target for the saved thumbnails you could disable in blenders user prefs.

Ubuntu? These folders and files in them are created by file manager subprocesses. Blend file icon thumbnail images are created by blender’s thumbnailer ( which is announced to the system upon blender install - this creates images and then OS caches them. Other image thumbnails also are kept there; it’s not only blender’s.
To cancel this caching you need to find details on your OS functionality - where it keeps thumbnailer information. If you use blender by download and unpack in some folder, then just run it from there and do not have blender installed from either Software center or synaptic, icons are not created.

Anybody know why Blender crashes on my computer when I use an array on several objects? It seems my computer cant handle it. But if I duplicate it it is fine. so I’m wondering why the array does this to my computer?

TY eppo, that sounds the more likely solution Ill give that a try.

Domo if your mesh objects are high poly this could cause a problem when you add the array, try to keep them low poly as much as poss if you are not already doing so.

thanks, I will try that. I just discovered the dissolve edges tool and what quads are etc… Still having issues removing all edges but at least I can start working on that.

also, anybody know of any good texture sites? I use cgtexture but looking for more wood textures with high res.

CG textures is the best out there for textures, a membership there would get you higher quality images, theres plenty of other free textures if you try a google search but none better than CG. BTW what are you trying to remove edges from?

CGtextures have great textures. I just cant seem to find the kind of wood I am looking for.

As for the edges. i started learning about quads, triangles etc. so I started using dissovle edges or verticies to clean up my mesh but, I still have a lot of pologons. I am wondering if it’s the size of the model? I make the little grid look really tiny when my model is finished, and it’s not a complex model. a bridge with like 100 boards or so. but textured and that big crashes blender. does the actual size matter? if so this will help a lot just, modeling big is so much easier for me then to stay at a Pacific size.