General screen update tweaks to improve refreshing?

I have read that EEVEE was not meant for game-engine performance so may be no options for me.
I have a simple world texture and a camera that spins in any direction. The display randomly hiccups and I also get spurious screen tears that VSYNC actually makes worse.
Are there any tweaks I might do in Windows or in UPBGE that could smooth this out?
I’ve been looking at Unity lately but the idea of learning C# is a huge turnoff as I’m trying to leverage my python knowledge (not great) and get more practice with that.
I’m trying to port over a project from an old game engine and I watched the Windows task performance; the old engine strictly uses SDL on the intel iris graphics on my laptop and it’s smooth as silk. When I forced the BGE to use only the intel iris it slowed to a crawl so I guess there is a lot more processes stacked up in EEVEE; being able to ‘downgrade’ the engine performance for simpler processing capabilities could make a difference but that seems highly unlikely with making custom compile and that is probably WAAAAAY over my head.