General Submission Subforum.

Hi. With all the new sites, and various resources, scattered from one end of the WWW to the other, it can be hard to know where to best direct submissions of things like .blend files, tutorials, textures, and what not. Would it not be helpful to have a general submissions subforum? That way, instead of relying on a chance encounter, site builders and blenderheads could simply mine this subforum for links and data. What do you think? Would this make life easier? :wink:

well, that’s more of less what the general Q&A section is for.


So it is. :expressionless: Though my tag says ‘groupie’ or whatever at the moment, I guess I am still a mere noob. :-? Also, my compliments to you on your dedication, Theeth. Your generosity is without limits. The newbie who was rude to you at the .org site should take a gander at the virtual flood of questions you have fielded here.