General switch?

In several projects I was thinking it would be very useful to have some kind of general switch that would enable to reset position (Loc 0,0,0) of all objects in scene.

I would like to ask you for best solution how to set up such a general switch. New transform constraint (currently in CVN) seems promising but I am not able to “force” it to work.|en&hl=en&ie=UTF8

Idea is to have the switch (position 0/1) and just to move it from position 0 to 1 it would reset some settings of other objects - typically to move them to local coordinates 0,0,0 etc

There are dozens of possible uses:

  • animated objects location resets
  • stretched character reset
  • facial animation reset etc.

Thank for your help and suggestions.

That is something that is probably best done with a script. Dig in the API. :wink: (hint for the first problem:

Thank you for quick reply. Coding python script is faaaaaar from my skills :slight_smile:

@ JiriH: I am not sure what you need, but you’ll find a script in my signature, Big Numbers Toolkit, that can reset all objects.
As the name implies, it is mean to work on large number of objects: just have them selected and press a reset button. There is one for location, one for rotation and one for scale.
There are shortcuts to this functions too. Have a go !
(the latest version is right down the thread: follow my signature !)

Select all your objects… press alt+g … tada :wink:

" … select all your objects … " - this is the problem to solve. I do not want to select all objects, because there may be dozens of them. This is the very question I was asking - just to use switch without selecting objects (typically bones) but rather to have all objects to be influenced by the switch in advance.

For example - you have Mancandy character with at least 16 stretchy bones. But you would like to have them during animation resetted - so the character will not be stretched. I DO NOT WANT TO hunt all stretchy bones individually I just want to use one switch.

and alt+r and alt+s and when working with armatures, w>clear user transform.

you posted a second before me, you must be in a different timezone or something…
you know you can select/deselect all by pressing a. but this will indeed not isolate your stretchy bones…
a workaround is to put those kind of bones on a different bone layer and when you need to manipulate them, switch to that layer. then select all and w>clear user transform.

I agree that to move all stretchy and bendy bones to separate bone layer and then just move to this layer and press alt-g is probably the simplest solution. (but stretchy&bendy swith would look neat:-)