General texturing question: uv mapping and bumpmap

Hi there,

I know the basics for using uv-mapping and applying a bumpmap. But i am a little bit confused as i use both methods as two different ones.

So my question is how can i use uvmapping in combo with a bump map?

uv-mapping = a method to apply an image map to an object according to uv-coordinates instead of regular mapping techniques. you can put uv-mapped image textures in different channels (blender has 8), i.e. one texture for ‘col’ and another for ‘nor’ (bump) You could also uv-map the color map and apply the bump map with the ‘cube’ mapping option.

tried it but it doesn’t go as expected

the left plane is done with regular image mapping and a bump-map. The right plane i subdivided once and use uv mapping to add the image to the upper left corner. And then i used the same bump map and here it goes wrong. I just want the bump map on the upper left corner.

Any tips?

select the bumpmap in materialbuttons (F5) and in the Map Input panel click “UV”

hmm, i think i already did that.

That is i have got my bump map image as a texture --> Map Input --> UV

Maybe you could look at my settings

Thnks in advanced

You can only have one UV maped texture per face. So, the same texture can be applied to color and bump, but not two diferent ones.

That is NOT true.
Using the method phlip and ketai described (using the image as texture and mapping to UV), you can have as many different images as you want (up to 8 texture channels).


Sorry, so it can only have one UV coordinate per face and many images (texture channels)?

Yup and since they use the same set of UV coords, it’s usually easy to create a nor or spec map from the color map.



(see image, right plane above)
My way isn’t working good, that is i can’t get just the upperleft corner with an image and a bumpmap. As you can see i only message to add the image with uvmapping but the bumpmap is over the whole plane.

My way of thinking: you can have 4 different images and bumpmaps.

Where do i go wrong?

You probably just didn’t switch both Texture’s mapping mode to UV instead of Orco. Mapping modes are per texture channel, remember that.