General Tutorial Requests?

Taking a break from my game, I am doing the finishing touches on my website. I was wondering if there were any general questions, whos answers have not been written into tutorials. Hopefully, we will thus have fewer, what i think are stupid topics in this forum. (I am guessing that eveyone knows how much i hate stupid posts/ topics.)

Hmm, a lot of newbies ask how to export to a standalone EXE. This would be an easy tut to write, but whether they’d find it, I’m not sure!

I haven’t looked in a while, but most people just want to know “Okay, how can I make a basic platforming game?”

At least…

I did…

write a tut on how to make MMORPG, that’s a popular question :smiley:

Writing a tutorial for just that is not necessary imho. All that you have to do in order to find the answer to that question is type “make exe” on the forum search page.

The problem is: none of them ever use the search function before posting. Actually they don’t even search the stickies (which is supposed to be the second thing you do before posting, if you find nothing with the search).

Next time, when someone asks: “How do I make a health bar?” or “How do I get text in my game?”, I’m just gonna say “Check the stickies”.


Oh, and on that note: It’s time to update the stickies, there are some dead-links in there, along with several things which are seriously outdated. I have some tutorials to contribute as well, but I don’t know who to talk about adding them to the tutorials sticky.

Is there any procedure that I should adhere to for doing that, or do I just PM blengine about adding my stuff to the list?

Does anyone know?

About the stickies: as far as I know, blengine hasn’t even come to the forum in several years, so PMing him probably will not work. I’d contact JD-Multi, as he’s supposed to be the mod for this forum, but he hasn’t been around much lately either (this is an alarming trend. I suppose it will happen to all of us eventually.) If you can’t get JD, you can suggest changes to theeth. Though not officially connected to this forum, he has admin properties on all of them, so he can take care of anything.

You might want to start a thread about the stickies first to find out what people want.

as far as I know, blengine hasn’t even come to the forum in several years

it’s not that bad… I think, but it was some time ago yes.

I don’t recall the BSoD being In the Sticky anywhere prominent. It’s a good tutorial, but where is it?

On the other hand, it is hard to write tutorials for something that changes as often as blender and expect them to remain relevant for long. I think that there really has to be more work done on the wiki and it will have to be maintained if we want to fix the problems with tutorials.

Actually z3r0 d is the mod for this forum now. JD-Multi hasn’t been around for a long while.