General vswarm question

I’m downloading the vswarm client tonight and will be testing it out over the coming days/weeks. I was curious as to what issues other than the two Blender specific issues listed on their troubleshooting page (1. Using post processing (e. g. motion blur) in a job shows 99% progress after the first render pass is completed and 2) Clients that do not have enough power to process a work unit within the given time limit (60 mins), have not enough RAM for a job or a too slow internet connection to download or upload the job data within 15 mins are not excluded from this job. Instead the work units processed by these clients are marked as “error” and must be restarted manually. After restarting hopefully another client grabs the failed frames.)

The first project I’ll be rendering is a somewhat “toon-shaded” animation with models from and built with greyoxide’s outstanding resource Shipyard v0.7 from Blend Swap. I am using sampled motion blur in the post-processing settings of the render to smooth the animation out. The biggest question I have is if the thing hangs up at 99% is this a false alarm or is it just not possible to use post-processing on vswarm? I could tweak things in AE which I’ll be using to composite the animation anyway, but rendering the frames out with Blender’s internal sampled motion blur looks so much better than CC FMB or any of the other frame-blending techniques in AE.

I’m more or less curious if anyone else is using vswarm, and if so what issues (if any) have you experienced. I’d hate to set the thing up and waste days finding out I’ll just have to let my PC’s run overnight to render things. If it’s not worth using, I’d just as well know now.

Thanks for your input.

I used vSwarm for a while and all I really got out of it was a larger electric bill. So you leave your machine on all the time hoping to build up enough credits (which continually dwindle) to render your own project when in reality you could have just rendered your own scene the whole time.

It is a nice idea but I gave up on it.

That’s more or less what I was inclined to think… I prefer to investigate a thing before I harpoon it as a bad idea.