Generalist Freelancers for Product Renders in China

I’m a senior 3d artist doing freelance in China, and I am planning to open a remote studio this year as I can’t do all the work I am getting by myself.

The main reason it’s only for China-based artists is that payment outside of China is difficult.

I am looking for artists of all levels, who have a passion for product renderings, both images, and videos. Generalists are prefered, but specialists also welcome, especially environment artists, or artists with real-time or game art knowledge, as I am also offering real-time solutions (ue4, webGL) to clients.

You can dm me here. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Wish you all the best.

PS: Uploaded some images of the type of work you would be working on.

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Hi. I’m interested in.

Hi. I’m interested in.

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