Generalist reel critique and questions

This is the new reel of mostly blender works I am working on. I have great expectations for this one, so I need help to make it the best possible in the time I have.

My intention is to get into an university and/or get a job in europe, canada or australia. So, my questions are:

-What is too bad and should be left out?
-What is good and should be in the beginning?
-What could be improved with what I have?

And some important, non related questions:
-Does anyone has a list of companies that uses blender that I could send this reel to? If possible, please, PM me with them, if it is not a problem.
-Where is the best place I could post this to get this help I need? In blenderartists or elsewhere?

And, finaly, this little dud was left out (the boat is from blendswap), do you guys think I should include it?

There are also some videos in my old youtube account, if you think there is anything I should add…

In the final version I will put the softwares, credits and everything that is missing. I also intend to remake the opening simulation and the dragon simulation.

If it does not work very well in this subforum, I will try in finished works.
Thanks for any help.

wow man, that was very slick. you have really gone to town with the fluid simulator. I really liked the aerial jungle shots, very realistic.

Pretty good reel, congrats!

Probably it could be a bit shorter, you could leave out a couple of works like the water dragon and the owl, they don’t seem to be as good as some other stuff, are those some older works?
Also, unless you want to land a job as a fluid or VFX TD, you should just pick your very best fluid sims, and leave out the rest, or at least use it for the end of the reel.
There are also a couple of images you included that look really interesting, like the man with the cake, but those are very cropped and it’s hard to see the picture entirely.

Finally, it’s probably best to put some “real work” in the beginning of the video, as it better shows your ability to work in a complete production to create a final work. I suggest you put the scarf and the shampoo ones in the beginning.

Wish you the best of luck for your career, although you don’t really need it! :wink:

Very enjoyable but a tad long maybe? I’d remove the wave crashing on the bridge as it is not up to standards set in other sims. It’s mainly due to the transparency and greenish colour of the wave, it makes it look like a small wave comp’d to a real world footage. Nomsayin? Kinda hard to describe in words!

Well done anyway!

Thanks for the helpful feedback guys.

So… you guys think it is long too? No one else mentioned but here, but I thought so. I left it big because of pixar’s rules of reel, saying that up to 4 minutes it is ok, and that you should give each work enough time.
I guess I will keep it below 2 minutes then. Remove some unecessary fat.

@Fab Design, I will put the worst to the end. I was following suggestions to keep things in groups. Sims, scenes, characters and so on. But I too don’t think it is a good idea. I need to keep the best in the begining.

I will move the scarf and shampoo more to the front, but not a lot because I don’t think they are very good.

And I will try to give better treatment to the good stills.

But I do need luck. My career has not been quite a success so far.

I don’t like a lot the wave in the bridge. But I am getting confused because some people did not like, some people liked it a LOT. I got very mixed reactions. So I think I will keep it.
But the greenish water was intentional. The water in the lake here is very, very green, and I wanted to mimic how it would look like in a wave. It is nothing like the water from any sea.
But it does not matter, since I did not achieve what I wanted in the particles and behaviour.

Cut it in half. No really 2 min is unnecessary, you will lose ppl’s attention (@ 30 sec i went to check how much time has passed, you were loosing me)
Looks like you were aming at a calm slow reel, but speed it up a bit, ie cut the clips a bit shorter.

watch some demo reel critiques from greyscalegorilla:

Put your best work in, leave out any tests and misc stuff. Include more scenes rather than individual models if possible (shows you are capable of working in projects rather than just making models), and get more breakdowns, as it shows you know your stuff as well as your workflow.

Thanks, I will look carefully at those links. But you did not mention the one reference that I am using as a bible

That is leading currently leading my time on it. Specially because of this
“Don’t do a “collage” of your work, with interleaved random clips from all your different work.
No, no, no. We won’t be able to figure out what’s going on. DO give each piece the time it deserves,
no more nor less, and just show it once. Keep it simple.”

I will trim it, but I will be careful to make sure everything is clear. Maybe including more breakdowns when possible, like you mention.

You are a master at the fluid simulator, good job. I would love to see some tutorials from you about the fluid simulator.

I agree with most that it is too long.

It will be a lot shorter next

First of all , great work.

Here is a link to what Pixar has on their site about demo reels.

Lol you missed it he said that is what he was following anyway.

Yup, like I said, kind of my bible.