Generate 2 objects After Mirror Modifiers

Hi everyone,
I’ve used a MakeHuman exported model (MHX) and imported in Blender for Character creation. This model is fully skinned with full bones. I can pose this character. I want to make clothes and found the following technique for making boots:
1- I’ve selected all vertices of one foot, made SHIFT-D for duplicating and do a “P” for separeted it so I can select only this part to modelize a boot.
2- Added a Mirror Modifiers to this new object, so every changes go to the other mirrored boot.
3- After finished the sculpt, I have my pair of boots perfectly mirrored.

here the problem: automatically, the initial boot is linked to my character, so I can use the POSE tool and my boot is following the foot no matter how I pose the character. But the other boot is doing the same because there still in Mirror modifiers. I want to have my 2 boots in seperated objects, and linked to each foot. I can’t figure how to do it.

I’ve attached a image that display my problem.

thank you for your support!


make sure the Human model is not moved from its normal rest pose. The post it starts with. Then make the boot and then apply the mirror modifier. Then in Edit Mode select the boot and hit P and select By Selection.

When I hit APPLY for the mirror modifier, it says “Modifier cannot be applied to a mesh with shape keys”…

If I don’t have theses shapekeys, I will not be able to make expressions on my characters…

But it there another ways to build boots (or clothes) and like them to the character? link to bones? and how?

thank you !

If You have the boots separate from the Makehuman Model you can delete the Shape Keys just from the Boots