Generate a texture using nodes?

Can you Generate a texture using nodes?

I want HG1’s cube mapped refection texture, to be used by mike pans easy material PBR environment map

I don’t know any GSL and also don’t really know nodes that well.


/uploads/default/original/4X/e/b/9/eb95d2e8c1481639c6794b67dbdd5b4003acb31e.blendd=1425588405 here is the realtime reflections

Use a material node with the PBR material, and multiply (or mix) its color output by the cube map output, and the result goes to the output node, or somenthing like that, I think it’s bette to use an extra black and white texture that indicates the intensity of the reflection, and use it a fac in a mix node.


1: The cube map texture.
2: The material, in your case you have to put the PBR material there, if you put the cube map texture in the color input of the material node (as your image show), then the textures used by the BPR material will replace it, so the cube map will not be shown.
3: Here we mix the material with the cube map. You can change the factor value, or plug a reflectivity map.
4: That’s the final color.

I did not use a PBR material of the addon (I don’t have it), but it’s the same way, and you con do it in more advanced ways.

that makes sense, instead of bringing the cubemap into the PBR ,

mix the pbr and cubemap based on the reflection angle?
how would I generate the reflecting/not reflecting map to use in the mix node?

Do you mean fresnel? HG1 have an example of cube maps with fresnel in one of his message in the cube map post.

From articles of PBR shading I have read, apparently it’s the same as specular map (I’m not sure). So use the specular map you already use (if you use) as reflectivity map, you will need a texture node (the vector imput will be the UV output of the geometry node) and plug it’s color output in the fac imput of the mix node that mix the material and the cube map.

Ok, it was a mistake, a reflectivity map isn’t a specular map, and it is not just a black and white texture, it also includes color. More info here. (see the textures screenshot)

Then, what I would do is create a reflectivity map from scratch based on diffuse and specular texture. But there is no automatic method, as it depends of the material. And for the node setup, I think I would multiply the cube map texture with the reflectivity map, and use the reflectivity map as factor in the mix node, but as I have never try complex material as it (PBR materials, with diffuse, specular, gloss, reflectivity textures, and more) I can’t test it.

just mixing the two will be great for now, for some reason I was thinking of Fresnel I think (only reflective on areas facing under a certain angle to the camera)

I have been trying to get it working, but it would seem better to integrate nodal pbr into the cubemap rather then use the pbr input,

and other issue, is the mixed in values are not working . I think its the Uber shader not being node friendly or something

Got it!