Generate AI Render Animation with Krea AI from Blender

In this written article post you will see how to generate AI Render Animation with Krea AI from Blender.

So what is Krea AI?

Krea AI is an AI video and image generator website that allow you to generate picture or full animation from text, from viewport by sharing your computer screen or by camera by showing your face in real-time.

AI video generation

So let’s start from the best feature that they have the AI video generation that allow you to upload images or a little sequence into the timeline.

So basically Krea AI allow you to generate AI videos and pictures from viewport so you can track lights and shadows or make an AI rendering animation video from a few frame you render inside Blender.

Real-time Engine Models

There are three main models:

Image to AI : give an image and convert into a render
Viewport to AI : share your screen and model something
Camera to AI : allow AI to see what you’re doing on camera

Image to AI

So basically the first one Image to AI allow you to generate a preview that you can enhance by achieve a better final quality picture render.

Viewport to AI

Viewport AI gives the possibility to share your screen and AI will track any adjustment you made with the camera in Blender in this case, but you can also use with sculpting or with Photoshop for retouch layers.

Here is an example on how AI change also position and track progress of lights, shadows and also your composition from Blender to Krea AI.

Real-time render and enhance for upscaling images are free to use, for AI video generation you need to be Max user or having an invite code as beta tester, share your thoughts below to be extracted to try this tool in advance.

After modelling and animate your 3D scene on Blender you can import your sequence frame or single render and type some prompts related, select your model I suggest to you render for more realistic results.