Generated texture to Image


I"ve used cycles to create a material with two wave textures in it. Later i wanted to add a displacement modifier to the object with this material, using the two wave textures as the displacement map. For that i need to save this generated texture as an image, but unfortunately i couldnt find a way to do this. I had only one idea, and that was to set up a plane with the mentioned material, and render it from the top, save the image, crop it in PS, and import it back as a displacement map. Is there any way i can export the textures i create with nodes to an image file?
Im not too good with blender yet, so if im not making any sense, please put me out of my misery, if not, any help is appreciated.

I attach an image of the model im working on, im talking about the black “muscle fiberish” material. The goal is to change the geometry of object it is applied on to follow the tubes of the texture.

The process of getting textures on an image is called texture baking and that is not available with Cycles yet. You would’ve needed to make those procedural textures in Blender render, bake, and then use in Cycles.

Ohh okay, thank you very much, I"ll call this solved then and will try it in blender render.