Generating a rig

Is it possible to generate a rig without using Rigify addon?
I created an armature, attached it to the object but when I wanted to generate a rig, this function was inactive. Hence, I wonder if it’s possible at all - to generate a rig when using just bones and not Rigify addon?

Rigify’s “generate” button basically runs a script, that makes a new skeleton, with a bunch of constraints and drivers. This is kind of a “smart” script, in that it does different things to different bones: one bone might get an IK constraint, and another might get a stretch-to constraint, based on what those bones are. To do this, it needs to know what the metarig contains.

You can recreate almost anything that Rigify does by doing it manually, but there’s no single “generate” feature, because there’s no one thing you’d want to do with any arbitrary set of bones.

Rigify does have functionality for additional components that can be added to rigs, to generate rigify rigs that are different (for example, a humanoid with a tail), and you might want to look into that if you want to use Rigify rigs, but the base Rigify rigs don’t match the thing you want to rig.


Understood. THanks for explanation).