Generating backfaces

Is there anything in blender similar to sketchups generate backfaces option?

It would help if you told us many non-SketchUp users what that option actually does…

Check if the Solidify Modifier is what you’re looking for.

I bet it means that he wants to give thickness to the mesh.

Nope not thickness basically generate backfaces is useful for a house where you want an outside(wood/rock) and inside wall(plaster etc) worked out the way to do it in blender is to select all duplicate and reverse normals.

But in this way you’ll have overlapping faces that could be cause of artifacts.

As a hack, if you’re gonna render with cycles, you can use the geometry node -> backfacing as a input factor to mix 2 materials and have a material in one side and another in the opposite side based on normals.

Nah im using the models in unity and I don’t know cycles at all