Generating mesh for Blender

I have a set of data(vertices, indices) which refers to mesh. Vertices is a list containing position vectors, indices is a list containing arrays that contain 3 integers - the vertex IDs. I need to generate a mesh out of them How to do it in Blender?

Aren’t the faces in the link you gave actual vertex ids? With vertex id I mean it’s number in the verex list.

Hm… Does it actually use the order of the vertices as I inputed it? Cause once I try to access those vertices in bge through obj.meshes[0].getVertex(0, id) it returns else vertex. And when I try to assign it’s position after, it just gets corrupted, cause it’s using position that was actually meant for else vertex.
Propably I must find the id’s of vertices on init basing on positions. However, this way edge splits would not work. Damn. Why it can’t just keep the order of vertices as I inputed them?:frowning:

did u use Bmesh API?

not certain it will keep the verts order
this is internal Bmesh data

so not certain after how you get comparison for Index !

can you show some pic may be

happy bl