Generating normal maps


I’m in need of some pointers as to how to generate normal maps with blender. I’ve done alot of searching, but apparently the only tut is now offline. Which I used a while ago, but have since then forgotten just what I need to do.
So any pointers whould be greatly appreciated.

AFAIK you can’t.

Yea you can.

Sorry I probaly didn’t state what I ment quite right. I need to generate the normal map texture. That tells the engine what a hole, and what’s a bump. sorry for the crappy deffinetion, but I don’t know how else to state it.

I know it’s possible, because I’ve done it. Just don’t remember how.

The original tut was written by Alien-xmp

do you mean a colored texture for another engine [or tuhopuu2] which is mostly blue?

or do you mean simply an image which creates a bumpy appearance

for blender’s renderer you simply map a texture to the NOR channel [image textures are treated as height maps, a mostly blue normal map will not work, nor will an object or world space normal map [they are rainbow colors]]

as for the former [to create that blue texture], I guess you could bake procedural textures mapped to the NOR channel
and get results like:
[either when viewed in the proper application or using the proper shader in tuhopuu2, the latter I have not invested time into figuring out how to do]

you’d bake that texture with my script [see the normap material in there too]

OK, what you need is a ¨Bump Map¨. A Normal Map is something totally different and very break-trough in the 3D world. Actually, only a few game engines and some very high-end apps can handle Normal Maps.

Back into the BUMP MAP. It is a just a gray scale image. Or any other image with the ¨NO RGB¨ option turned on. Gray areas in the images are left without change. White areas are raised, while black areas are depressed. From the file point of view, it is just a JPG, PNG or TGA file created with any paint program. Anything from Photoshop to MS-Paint cant create such file (of course, your choice will depend on your skills and need paint tools).

What is really important is how the image is mapped into the object. Actually, you shouldn’t start painting your Bump Map untill you know how it is going to be mapped. Search for UV Mapping tutorials, or read the Online Manual for other mapping options.

Once the image is mapped, all that is left to do is loading your paint program and activating the ¨Norm¨ map-to option in the material settings.

No I don’t want a bump map. I mean a true normal map for a game engine. The “Torque shader engine” to be percise. You can see what I mean in the very last pic here

yeah, check out the material in that .blend i linked to

there are three blend textures mapped to the normal [in different ways]

I think it gives a result with the opposite green channel [1.0 green being downwards], but you ought to be able to tweak that to your needs

Oops sorry, ya that’s exactly what I needed.

Thanks :smiley: