Generating Rigify Misses Middle Finger?

I have rigify setup to my model and have the python auto script run stuff checked and what not. Everything that I can see looks good to generate the the rig. After generating the rig everything except the middle fingers are there. I tried moving the index further away from the middle finger thing that it was just overlapping or something, but no. It just refuses to generate it and I’m at a loss.

Attempt Backup 2.blend (1.0 MB)

On your mesh and on your armature, you have unapplied transforms and neither one is centered on your x and y and z axis with your character on the floor which may cause an issue now or down the road. Second, you have used a depreciated meta rig as far as version 2.79. That means you need to switch to a legacy rig if you still want to use it. What version of Blender are you using? What metarig? I had no issue generating the rig despite these faults.

I’m using Blender I got off of steam and it says it’s 2.79 so I assume it’s right. I’m using the Human metarig. How do I switch to a legacy rig? I’ve just been following a tutorial on how to set the rig up and all my blender settings are practically default.

reload it from the Blender site. You need to be on 2.79B not 2.79 . Did you correct the other deficiencies?

Yeah I brought him up to be standing on the center and set his scaling.

Thanks for the help, updating to 2.79B fixed the issues I was having. Annoying how the basic rig doesn’t have hands but removing the head from the more complex rig doesn’t seem to mess it up.

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Great. Just a note too. You can always add a super palm and super fingers to the basic rig. When you are in edit mode with the armature, scroll all the way down in the object data armature and you will see some samples you can add to the rig under rigify buttons. Further into Dan’s tutorials you can also find out how to customize rigify bones for your rig.