Generating rock structure with a profile bump map

I am working on converting a photograph of mine into a 3D scene and I wanted to get these columnar rock formations looking the same way in the 3D model so I can project the image onto it. Can I create a b/w bump map in photoshop and use that data to create just the front face of the formation in blender?

How hard would this be to do manually? I did try sculpting it by hand but i have no idea how to texture the image onto the structure. All camera mapping tutorials out there use indoor geometrical examples and there’s very little on how to do the same for mountains and rock cliffs kind of geographies.

might be easier to do using microdisplacement
to give a good look

happy bl

Thanks so much for leading me to this side of Blender!

Would you recommend any specific way of going about it? Will it be a problem if I have just one picture to work with?

can you elaborate a little more!
do you just want a sort of billboard plane ?

or do a more complex 3 D mountain

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