generating snow landscape using blender fluids

I want to render a complex landscape with lots of snow, so i decided to generate the snow on the objects. This is a first test:

my problem is: to fine tune the setting, i need to somehow edit the mesh which is generated with blender-fluids manually. Or do you know a better method than using blenderfluids?

Greetings, Tom

I think using fluids is bit overdo… modelling takes time but you will run into less trouble in the end. I think.

I agree its a bit over the top, but … I like the result.

Not what I would to for a clean result. But it’s cool nonetheless:yes:.

Consider meta-objects for easy snow creation…

Hey, that’s a pretty novel idea. What you want to do is have the ability to edit the mesh that the fluid simulator generates. You can do that by using the bobj_import script, as indicated in the wiki.

Can’t wait to see what you do with this!

thx man… that was exactly what i was looking for…

I am going to try the metaballs as he others suggested, too… maybe its a nice idea to combine metaballs with a particle generator ^^…

I Also thought… since I don#t need most of the features of the fluid simulator, I could write my own script for “snow generation” it would be too difficult i guess…

Greetings, tom.

well there you have another test… I used the script mentioned above to fine tune the snow-setting a little bit more :).
greetings, tom

I would still go with manual modelling… hmm. Sharp edges and stuff dont look like snow at all.

It’s looking good! I’d put a subsurf, or maybe raise the resolution on the ‘snow’ though, because it’s looking pretty sharp right now.

Still, good work, and keep trying!

This is pretty interesting. Like the others said, it is a bit over the top but
maybe if you put it at a really high resolution, it would look good.

What are the fluid settings (i.e., resolution, physical size, etc.)?

Good interesting way method of using tools.

This is a great idea! I think this may give much better result than modelling them manually, unless you are total pro. (In case you get the resolution solved.)

Could do well in a DoF background.