Generating stars using stucci or cloud texture for a sphere or world...


I used blender several years ago, and have decided to take it up again. Lots of things have changed (no idea what cycles are), but I tried something that I haven’t done in a while.

I am attempting to make a star background for an animation. My method involves using either a uvsphere or the world and applying a cloud or stucci texture to it. By making the noise really small, and adjusting the black level on the color ramp, I am able to produce a convincing star-field. The only problem is that the noise seems to regenerate itself completely or partially whenever the camera rotates or moves, causing strange flickering that is only present when the camera moves.

I had encountered this once before, and after several hours of google searching, attempting different tutorials, etc, I cannot eliminate the problem.

If someone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Sorry if I’m double posting, since I’m new and my posts require moderation, I’m not sure if my reply was received. Like I said, yes that sort of works, but lots of the stars flicker in and out whenever the camera moves. It seems to be an issue with the small size of the noise. I’m going to assume that this technique only works for stills and not animation. I’m going to look into using gimp to generate a large bitmap for the background.


A procedural texture source fed through a sharp “high-pass filter” curves node, so that below a certain threshhold it goes straight to black/zero?

The texture might have to be “baked” because some textures do get recalculated with every frame, hence the possible source of “flickering.”