Generating symmetrical UVs?

I have a model that I’m planning to have symmetrical UVs on the face (i.e. I’m going to paint one side of the face and then just mirror that to the other side.)

What is the best way to UV unwrap this so that the UVs generate the same for both sides of the face? I have my model setup with an edge running down the center of the face and it is marked as a seam. However, when I unwrap the head, the two sides of the face don’t match up.

You can see my seam in the thumbnails below and you can also see that when I flip one of the UVs over and try to place it over the other 1/2, they don’t quite match up correctly.

It would not be a big deal to write as script that will snap the UVs together but I was wondering if there is a workflow in Blender that makes this happen correctly. It seems like a common scenario so somebody must have seen this before. This is on 2.62.


Cut the model in half, UV unwrap, add a mirror modifier and apply it to get back to the original model. Each half should then have exactly the same UVs

Thanks for the info and the work-around!