Generational starship - now animated

I’m about ready to call this done. Thanks for everyone who posted in the WIP thread. Small images below, scroll down for links of very much larger versions (please have a look, these small images barely show any of the details at all).

Huge versions :

Enjoy !

EDIT : Thanks to the free demonstation renderfarm provided by the University of Westminster I’ve made a 1 min flyby of this. 1280x720 resolution, 40 mb mpeg file :
Sorry to dial-up users (if any still exist) for the large file size, but there’d be absolutely no point in a compressed version of this.
Unfortunately I couldn’t have it rotating as that would mean a huge file to upload (because there’d have to be greebles all the way round).

Very interesting design. I must say, I’ve never thought of using an astroid as the base of a starship before!

sorry to tell you!
the pics can’t show right now!

Thanks Lego Animator. eva, the images all work fine for me on two different computers.

Cool, I like the 4th one.
No Post-pro?

Amazing work Rhysy!

everytime I see some of your work…I feel the need to create a spaceship or something related to space…this ship is epic.

Keep them coming :slight_smile:

Except for some aliasing here and there (have you tried FSA), this image is one of tremendously epic proportions. Looks like it could be the size of the Deathstar or even bigger.

The detailing and textures of the ship is fantastic, but the asteroid looks better in the small images, maybe it could be the geometry needs to be more high res and perhaps the .jpg using too much compression.

The background is just crazy, good job on that.

pretty epic.

nice nice nice job

well, using a asteroid for a starship in some form is a fairly well developed idea in both physics and scifi and a good one too for a lot of reasons, for example you can hollow the thing out as you travel, use it for reaction mass and then as you population grows you automatically have room, also its a very effective shield for radiation and stuff.

Really thats a fine design assuming the right materials tho the living dome on top is scary heh given space is not even close to empty, but it would be a great view!


That’s a shiny asteroid!
The ship looks somewhat realistic…i think:confused:
Great work!:slight_smile:


I find the overall visual style to be inspiring. I think I’ll go work on something spacey and/or futuristic now…

Seriously, nicely done!


Where’s the Starbucks?

only after I saw the soccer field I realized how gigantic the ship must be. :yes:

I love the background images!
did you make them? if so then, did you make them in Blender or Gimp or what?

Since there is no gravity in space, gravity should be simulated by centrifical force.:wink:

Since there is no gravity in space, gravity should be simulated by centrifical force.:wink:

It looks like the idea is the acceleration from the drive unit at the base will provide the “gravity.” which is why its a generational ship, what you do is slowly keep accelerating to some percent of the speed of light and then when 1/2 way ish to your destination you flip the ship and use the effect to decelerate and continue to provide gravity, so you get a point of zero g when you flip, which no doubt would be a massive holiday for the people on the ship, anyway, I have read several books that play with this idea heh. f=ma after all :wink:

Impressive details~ good work!

I like it!

Thanks all !
fahassani : a little bit of simple glow effect, sharpening etc., nothing fancy.
Ecks : Wow thanks ! I remember your spaceships, you should do more of them.
Cyborg Dragon, Minifig : the backgrounds are just real photographs. I don’t think it’s possible to make galaxies in Blender of that quality yet.
The asteroid isn’t so great in the full images, it needs more geometry. I think I’d need more RAM to add any more detail though.
Atom : Unfortunately Starbucks has gone out of buisness due to alien occupation of Earth. Very sad.

Nice! looks awesome.

I like the asteroid concept, very original.

Did you have a certain type of propulsion in mind for it to use? My guess would be Fusion propulsion, hence the asteroid, as it would be able to carry it around and extract Helium3 from the rock (although this would be really inefficient because of all the extra waste weight being carried along…)

Just my first thoughts though, I’m probubly thinking about it to much. :eyebrowlift2: