Generational starship

More form the “Xeelee” universe of Stephen Baxter. A GUT ship (Grand Unified Theory) derives power from heating matter to immense temperatures where the fundamental forces unify, releasing huge amounts of energy. A small asteroid is used as propellant. Very early WIP. The dome will be transparent, inside, a small town. For scale it’s about a mile wide and three miles long, hence lots of greebles. Eventually I’ll try and bash this up a bit, I want to depict it after many thousands of years in space.

Big render of the full ship so far :

looks nice so far. =)

Looks good! To make it look even better, turn on AAO (if you have 2.45+ ; otherwise use AO). Looking awesome, though!


Very good, very detailed, excited to see this, use your commas, you were given them, have a nice day,

Hey! You’re back :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what happens with this!

I love the contrast between the “organic” asteroid and the non-organic, hard flat faces of the spaceship.

oboy! Whenever I see a thread with a suggestive science fictional name started by Rhysy 2, I know I am in for a treat! Excellent!

Thanks everyone. After a rather long bout of gaming and a website overhaul, here’s an update with some textures. There aren’t many different textures used but to be honest I think there’s more than enough mesh detail to make a wide variety of materials unnecessary. I will greeble the main connecting modules but I’ll keep the smooth ring clear, the idea it is a huge centrifuge for when the ship is not accelerating.
Full size image(slightly better than attachement) :


Wow, that’s taking a great shape… you’re making me look bad :smiley:
Keep it up, wanna see more :slight_smile:
P.S. Can you make a temporary reflective material for the dome while you’re not working on the city inside?

He makes most of us look bad :slight_smile: Great image man! Can’t wait for more!

Thanks !
Lwerewolf : I tried a reflective material for the dome, but without a background image (which I won’t add until everything else is done because of all the inevitable lighting adjustments and whatnot) it looks very strange.

Here is an update with greebles on the rear of the habitat section :
Close-up view of the docking ports :
SInce these things are supposed to be about 200m across, I gave them stadium-style retractable roofs. On the sides are 4 foldable robotic arms to help ships with docking. I may have overdone the detail on the arms because their finer detail is not resolved unless you go very close.
Not sure about the rows of circular things, I thought they’d help break up the rectangular monotomy but this may not be a good thing.

Well I kindof stalled for a while there… got a bit bored of greebling and got distracted by gaming instead. But now I’m ready to finish this one off. Here’s an update of the central spine. Each panel has 9000 verticies of greebly goodness. Still rendering fast enough to possibly do a flyby animation. I just need to add some communication antennae things and the engines before I can do the city in the dome.

Here is a quick composition test :

1st - I really hope that the engine section is not final :slight_smile:
2nd - add some lights to it, it’s a generation starship after all, not a sleeper starship :slight_smile:

well, maybe all children are playing some hide&catch-game? :wink:

AWESOME! Except for the engine-part :slight_smile: that looks too flat, somehow
out of place!

That such a great piece of work!

It’s looking great and has great sense of gigantic scale. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Holy Toledo! Just look at all the zillions of greebles on those panels! Very nice!

excellent lighting on your composite test.

Thanks all !
Update with the engine completed :
Another shot of the spine, showing lights. They have to be very small to give a proper sense of scale. Not too many here, because there are already 6000 lights on the habitat section.

Image lighting and composition is not final, but I think the ship exterior is done now and it’s time to start work on the city…