Generative Modelling for Blender possible?

hi all,

ive been looking around for a blender script that could make generative modelling? i found this software for rhino called and wondering if anyone can port this to blender/ use it in blender as a script? is that possible?

anyone can create a generative modelling for blender?

Look into the array and curve modifiers. They should set you well on your way to producing effects like that.


thanks for that, but would it be possible to mimic the grasshopper rhino script into blender? port it to blender?

stanmarsh I believe jrs100000 was trying to say that most if not all of the grasshopper
script’s functionality is already available through modifiers. see for example.

if by mimic you mean “make it work like it does in rhino3d”, then yes it most probably is possible, but I have doubts that anyone would want to.


thanks slow67!

yes, what i mean mimic is im looking for a graphical algorithm editor for blender much like in rhino3d, im not a programmer so im looking for a graphical editor.

if anyone would like to tray here is the link just put an email add and the download will start.