Generic anime woman (warning, naked polygons!)

I need advice on deforming the eyes into that cartoon anime shape. I’ve got the body pretty well taken care of, just got to figure out how to do the eyes and I can finish her head up :smiley:

If I had a girlfriend with a head that shape, I’d sell her to the circus.

Great work there, looking forward to the finished product.

go to australia, they all look like that.


Your body looks cool, good proportions and all that… but the head…

Have you tried drawing the head from a variety of angles first? It could help you alot for modelling (at least for me that works).

Keep it, I like anime :smiley:

Uhm - I said in the post the head wasn’t finished yet. I finished up the body first because I know how to do that, but I don’t know how to do the eye deformations in Blender. I mean, I might be able to use a lattice, but maybe there’s a better way now? I think the last version I used was 2.32.

I hope you guys like this head better :wink:

Still need to figure out how to do those eyes :o

Yep, that’s a real anime/manga-face, i like the nose!

About the eyes. I think it would be easier to make them seperate from the face (not in the same mesh). You can always integrate them later.

Ouch. :<

Looking good so far… hey, if you finish it… would it be too much to ask if you posted a Tut somewhere? I’ve been searching all over for a decent Anime face Tut but all the ones I’ve seen are either for 3ds or Maya (I finally got 3ds, but I still have much MUCH more to learn)

There we go, finished with the modelling unless I can think of something else. I’m tryin to decide whether or not to put UV’s on this - probably not. The characters I’m going to base on this model are going to be cartoonish, so maybe it’s best not to use textures. Heh, why do more work than you have to?

Sago - I made them seperate from the face. Just needed to know what the right way to deform then in Blender was first.

Lyceon - I don’t think a tutorial would help you, unless you don’t know how to model in Blender, and there’s plenty of tuts to teach you that. I don’t do any fancy stuff. I don’t know any fancy stuff. I can draw however, so I’d suggest drawing if you’re not happy with the way your models are turning out.