Generic character anywhere for free use?

I was looking at some of the competition entries over at the 10 Second Club and notice many animators use the same character. Apparently, he is “Generi” a free, fully-rigged, generic character for Maya.

This model has everything required for major and minor animation, from walks to winks.

Does anyone know of a similar model available for Blender? If not, maybe some kind Blender Pros would consider collaborating on our own generic character and make it freely available for this kind of non-commercial use???

I know there are a couple of armature-rigged characters out there, especially Nozzi’s famous rig, but we’d need RVKs in order to do lip-sync and facial animation.

I don’t kinow what sort of pre-sets come with Maya’s Generi, but I’d guess that the vertex keys wouldn’t need to be pre-set but the vertex groups would need to be there ready for

I found this introduction to Generi: