Generic dog walk

Hey guys,

I’m doing a generic walk cycle - just one to get the basic mechanics of it.

Comments and criticisms welcome!

I have watch your animation (and the others animations from your site), I find them interesting, because you have some good expressionsand dynamics in most of them.

Good work :yes:

Nice - to me it looks jaunty, happy, probably would go well to some ska.

Nice animation but I’m not sure this is correct for a generic walkcylce of a dog. You shift the weight from left to right like a two legged walkcycle but I think a four legged creature always has two feet opposite each other on the ground while walking not two feet on the same side. So the weight is distributed along the whole body and not on one side.

I don’t get anything when I click on the link you provided.

All I get is a page that says this:
Animatic-ish tug-of-warDog uv map
Dog walk cycle

January 28th, 2008
This is my first attempt of a Quadruped walk-cycle. Its meant to be a generic walk cycle, just for learning purposes.
Once I’ve understood this, I’ll do an emotional walk.

I don’t get any video.

I have seen ur animation,its good but i think u may do more with this.

i second what musk said about the legs. Although it is a cartoony dog so you aren’t forced into trying to make it realistic but believeable. Also you have to get that tail moving too! Despite the flaws it is fun to watch and thanks for showing the rig in the video so people can learn from it.

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback,

blendman: thanks! You have some pretty nice stuff yourself. I love those shots of the metallic city.

yogyog: Hehe ska might go nice, maybe I’ll put that in once I get the basics.

musk and linuxpimp21: You raised interesting points about the weight. I looked this up on Muybridge’s Animals in Motion and I believe your onto something.
Like musk pointed out, the weight doesn’t simply shift side to side - more side to diagonal-side. Well its better just to show the new walk - to see what I mean.

Sorry tarzan occasionally the permalinks don’t work on my website- though I’m unsure why…

New walk

I have to say that i like both walks. If you modeled a realistic dog I would like the second walk better. However because of the cartooniness of the character I think the first walk was also acceptable. Animation is a median only limited by your imagined and you don’t have to make it realistic, but believeable. And to me the first walk was believeable because of the nature of the character. I thought it looked like a skip and seemed to give the character an upbeat personality.

Yeah thanks Linuxpimp,

Eventually I’ll make a walk that’s more specific to the dog. I just like to make sure i understand the basic mechanics of walking first - which you people have helped me with!