Generic Game Template v0.1

After working with Monster a little in the recent BGMC I was most impressed with his well thought out and well made template. He separated everything out nicely in a way that was flexible.

Thus, I present to you, the Generic Game Template. This system works for games with no custom coding, for games with custom coding. I used a similar system in DEEP Space, in Neon Ball, and will use this template for all future games.

What it does:
Provides a simple game launcher that sets screen resolution.
Provides an update system via .zip files (.zip files will be extracted if placed in the game directory)
Demonstrates a way of linking together discreet game files. (ie environment packs, levels, characters etc.
Changes between levels in the ‘levels folder’ (in alphabetical order)

What it does not do:
Provide scripts for FPS, RTS, MMORPG, Networking or anything like that.

How it works:
It doesn’t really do much, except give you suggestions of where to put things. The only files that must not be changed (without python knowledge or bravery) are the .cfg files, and game-starter.blend, game.blend, and the levels folder. Everything else is up to you. I reccomend using the other folders and linking objects in to blends in the levels folder such that the levels don’t contain anything unique. I also suggest linking groups, so logic comes together properlly.

I have included a small demonstration of a menu, two levels etc.

Anyway, here it is for download:
Generic Game Template (1.25 MB)

Suggestions can be voiced over at the discussion thread.

I will use it in my ",Hack the robots game."If you don’t mind.I am changing the name of my robot game in the Works in progress and game demos forum.

It’s free for anyone to use for anything.

We need to get the old FPS template, old 3rd person template, this template, and the best of the user-made high-level function libraries bundled together into a single file updated for 2.69 and have it mentioned in a place where new users won’t miss it. Motorsep has been talking about how the BGE doesn’t have a bundled suite of ready-made frameworks to help one get started, such a file as this proposal would go a ways towards achieving that.

This is awesome, it will be used with gratitude.

What really would be excellent would be the equivalent of Hive but for the ui (maybe a frontend for BGUI). A visual logic brick style system would be a massive plus.

But the template is very useful, thanks for making it!

… is there a recent game template for 2.68? unfortunately this won´t work on 2.68 :frowning:

What do you mean by that? I made this on 2.68. What problems is it giving for you?