Generic GE Python Code for non-coders

As part of an up and coming competition, there may be scope to allow genericl python code, if this code can be easily dropped into Blender by non-coders without requiring a lot of modification.

Examples of these could include a script to update a mouse cursor for example - all of the rest of the logic of a simple game ( rolling over, clicking to destroy the object beneath ) could then be created using sensors/controllers/actuators.

If you know of such scripts, or would like to request such a script, here’s the place to post.

The end result will hopefully be a set of community acceptable Python scripts that can be used easily by non-coders on new and existing projects.


Ok here are couple that I think would be useful. (Not made by me, just my collection).

Right-click to save.
(add a force based on a property value, for example set the strength that a projectile is fired at. Written by Social)
(Gets the mouse X & Y positions)
(Use together to set the position of an object to that of another. You can change Position to Orientation in this script to do the same for rotation.)
(Checks to see if an object has stopped moving)
(The z3r0d FPS mousescript, may be better versions out there.)

Bear in mind that some script require setting up properties and the like so some aren’t instantly “pluggable” and will require some experimentation and adjustment to get them to work the way you want.

Hope that helps.

I think you will find my on-screen timer code (for “min:sec” type displays and countdowns) to be very straight forward and easy to use. New users and non-coders should be able to easily plug it in by following the instructions.

aweome !

Thanks guys… I learn lots from hacking scripts :slight_smile:

I always do better takeing something apart and examining it than I do reading tutorials and manuals.

Try Scaboots’ mouse look script. It’s the one I use the most, and have never had any trouble at all with it.

I’d like to request a UV scroll script as well.